Air Purifiers with wheel
Increased more flexible and convenience! Customers could choose air purifiers with wheels. It is more movable and let’s use air purifier in the living room in the morning and use it in bedroom at night.
  Blueair Classic 605    
MEDAIR 608 ElectroMed with wheel   Blueair Classic 605    
HK$ 14,300  



Effective to remove 0.01 um fine dust,
   smoke particles & allergens, etc
Immediate kill bacteria and viruses
Just cleaning, no need to replace filter
Service area 650-950 sq.ft.
Touch screen control and app control

  Classic design and with remote
Smaller air purifier, save space
Service area 600 ft.2 max.
CADR Smoke/Dust/Pollen (m3/h) 850/ 850/ 1087
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