Air purifiers for elderly
Carefully selected the below air purifiers for elderly, easy to control is the more important for them. At the same time, it is effective to protect their health at home.

Resulted in advanced technology, users could control the air purifier and monitor operating state with mobile app. It helps to give more kindness to elderly.
JONIX cube   Mone   MEDAIR 408 ElectroMed
HK$ 5,980   HK$ 5,980   HK$ 5,980
100% made in Italy
Medical Device Class 1
Simple design, black & white to choose
Service area 400-600 sq.ft.
  Cost-effective & intelligent air purifier
H13 Grade HEPA Filter
Service area 200-650 sq.ft.
CADR up to 482m3/h

Effective to remove 0.01 um fine dust, smoke particles & allergens, etc
Immediate kill bacteria and viruses
Just cleaning, no need to replace filter
Service area 300-400 sq.ft.
Touch screen control and app control

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LIFAair LA350M   MEDAIR iMed   MEDAIR iMed Cleanroom
HK$ 4,400   HK$ 5,980   HK$ 6,380
• Touch-operation
• Unlimited transmission speed level
CADR PM2.5 332m3/h
CCM PM2.5 >12000 mg

  Simple design, black & white to choose
Slim, easy to place
Service area 400-500 sq.ft.
CADR 275m3/h
  Designed for removing fine dust and bacteria
Slim, easy to place
Service area 400-500 sq.ft.
CADR 275m3/h
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Euromate Grace MediaMax   Blueair Classic 205    
HK$ 14,800        
100% made in Holland
Simple design
Service area 400-500 sq.ft.
Simple one-button operation

  Classic design
Smaller air purifier, save space
Service area 200 ft.2 max.
CADR Smoke/Dust/Pollen (m3/h) 306/ 340/ 340
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