Air Monitors
Although government and organization publish Air Quality Health Index / Air Quality Index regularly. These indexes focus on macro air quality in appointed monitor in specific period. Unlike AQHI / AQI, air monitor focuses on air quality in personal environment such as home, office, car, outdoor and public area, etc. Also, air monitor is easy to compare the ability of air purifiers.
MEDAIR AM-01   LIFAair LA350/500C   Blueair Aware
HK$ 1,280   HK$ 2,300    
Check the air you breathe anywhere
Visible air quality
Easy to use
Test PM2.5, PM10 & concentration curve

  • Portable detector
• Test PM2.5, formaldehyde & CO2
Using mobile phone APP to control


• Test PM2.5, TVOC, Carbon dioxide,
   Temperature & Humidity
Using mobile phone APP and air purifier

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